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•Let My Yiwu Agent Select Forwarder, or I Appoint Forwarder?

Update Time:06-23-2011

Let Your Yiwu Agent Select Forwarder, or You Appoint Forwarder? How Freight Forwarder Works? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Normally two freight forwarders are involved to get your container shipped from Yiwu to your warehouse: a China freight forwarder and a local freight forwarder. A China forwarder contacts carrier to help you book container space, arrange the inland transportation and do customs declaration. This forwarder takes over once the container finished loading in Yiwu, and then trucked it to Ningbo port, finally get it shipped out to your port. Once your container arrives in your port, another forwarder (your local freight forwarder) takes over. This forwarder will help you do customs clearance and arrange to send the products to your warehouse. Sometimes, all above work can be done only by one forwarder - your designated freight forwarder. Normal Freight Forwarders & Designated Freight Forwarder: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are two types of freight forwarders: normal freight forwarder and designated freight forwarder. The normal freight forwarder is the forwarder selected by your Yiwu business partner/agent/shipper. This forwarder's services are usually better. Your ocean freight rate can be discussed (and usually cheaper), other costs can also be discussed. This freight forwarder help make every document. Of course, their service must be paid. If problems happen, they can do their best to help shipper resolve them. You need to pay all costs to your Yiwu agent/Yiwu business partner. The designated freight forwarder is the forwarder appointed by you from your side. This freight forwarder usually has agent or branch office both in China and your own country. You do all freight forwarding through them. Then this forwarder becomes your designated freight forwarder. This designated forwarder will ask its branch office to contact with the shipper to arrange the goods, make customs documents. The shipper (usually your agent/business partner in Yiwu) cannot discuss anything with them, because they are your designated agent. It's you who pay them. So they're hard to shipper. Let Your Yiwu Agent/Business Partner Select Forwarder, Or You Appoint One? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of course, the first factor is always the cost. You need to compare all the costs, including inland cost, ocean freight, customs clearances and the freight from your port to your warehouse... Usually who offers the better price gets the opportunity. If costs are similar, then better let your Yiwu agent/business partner make the selection. Because this will make things easier for them and to ensure your container get shipped out smoother. In the end, it's your container matters.

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