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Why you need a good Yiwu Agent in Yiwu Market ?

From:Yiwu Commodity Market Update Time:01-09-2018

Why you need a Yiwu Agent ?
Yiwu Market is the biggest wholesale market in China. It is a very good market for wholesalers and distributor to Supermarkets, Dollarstores, Retail shop. You can find thousands of items here at very competitive price, you may buy more than hundreds items to load in one container. How can you make all your work more efficient? Everything will become easy when you have a professional Yiwu agent.

1. Sourcing product and placing order.
There are dozens of large markets with more than 100,000 booths expanding, changing and growing all the time in Yiwu. Just in imitation jewelry & hair ornament market alone, there are about 7000 stands. It’s said that, it will take you a whole year to stop at each booth for 1 minute.
We will make appropriate arrangements after you tell us what kinds of goods you are looking for. And all you need to do is choosing goods and checking price. We will arrange a translator to go to market with you to translate, take photos, write down the item No, price, packaging, Measure of carton, and other details for you. At last, we will make a full products list with total cartons, price, and total volume for you.

2. Following production.
After placing your order with supplier, we will follow the production and always keep you updated.

3. Receiving and inspecting goods.
We will place the order with suppliers after your confirming the order. We collect goods and inspect them in our warehouse. If something were wrong, we will ask supplier for correction or we will send you a report for your decision. A list of received goods will also be sent to you after we receive all the goods from supplier.

4. Loading container and arranging shipment.
We will book container, arrange for shipment, load goods according to your requirement.

5. Preparing final document.
A full set of documents will be sent to you, such as Packing list, Commercial Invoice, B/L, Certificate of Origin and so on.

6. Payment
Most suppliers in Yiwu market do not accept foreign currency. So you may send payment to our account by T/T in USD, then we will sent payment to supplier in Chinese currency (RMB).

Most important, if you are not in China, we can be your reliable business partner.

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